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El-No: Big Pimp In A Furry Coat

Cold weather and snow has created a horrible men’s outerwear pandemic.

Hide your kids! Hide your wives! There are hustlers on the loose!

Mr El-No is obviously on his way to pimp school (hence the backpack/ fur coat combo). Looks like he has a heavy course load because that backpack is jammed full of books.

Business must be good because these pelt situations don’t come cheap. According to Hip Hop Closet, these lovely fur numbers range from $150 (for the faux fur) to $4,5000 for a black mink pea coat. Yowza! I am certain that the Navy didn't foresee this when they initially designed the pea coat.

I think this playa needs to loose the fur and check out this nylon parka. A bit more laid back, this coat is perfect for snowy school days. The heavy backpack straps won’t wear on this rough and tumble jacket. I love the cozy fleece lining as much as I like the sale price. At only $345 this parka is perfect.


*Thanks for the photo HG!

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