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El-No: Faux Fur Flintstone Faux Pas

Brrr… it is cold!

Snow and ice in a Chicago winter is old news. But I still am never prepared for the bleak grey cold. Basically the “-uary” months are very un-merry.

Now that I am an iPhone user (gifted to me by my sweet husband), I guess I can understand the need for a warm purse. Does anyone else notice their phone acting slow in freezing temps? Maybe mine is just protesting because our relationship began in the heat of the Canary Islands?

But I digress.

Miss El-No seems to be fighting these freezing temps with an unsightly faux fur bag. Yuck.  (Although I bet her phone and wallet are nice and toasty.)

Does anyone else feel like they are trapped in a real life Hanna-Barbera cartoon? I was just waiting for Wilma and Pebbles to show up. This is a yabba dabba don't for sure.

Leave the wooly purse in Bedrock and do faux fur the right way. Check out the Rachel Zoe collection at QVC. I love this gorgeous faux fur collarless coat. At only $139.74 it is stylish and affordable.

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