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Guest Post By Susie Stylist- El-No: I want a girl in a short skirt and a long jacket

So wouldn’t you know, I finally see an El-No worth photographing AND my blackberry (and child) was in hand ready to shoot, and this is what I got:

I either need a better camera or to fine-tune my henchmen skills.

I spotted Miss El-No in the garage of my gym strutting her stuff towards her car and presumably on to work. Her outdated hosiery was what first caught my attention, but as I studied her, I noticed that I couldn’t see the skirt/dress under her short coat. <insert inner dialogue: “Is she a flasher?” I thought. “ Is she young enough for such a scandalous hemline?”>  Whatever she is or wherever she was going, this outfit, ladies and gentlemen, was not appropriate.  I can appreciate her effort to look professional, but I cannot get behind the amount of leg I was seeing. Unless that profession involves removing her clothing, which assuming from the amount of paperwork she was carrying, it does not.

I wish I could have stopped her and explained that opaque tights and a longer coat would have made this a better look.  Perhaps one of these:

Draped Collar by Mossimo Coat for $35

Double-cloth lady day Coat from $180

Alma Jacket by Mackage for $595


*Thank you all for reading this week!  And now back to your regularly scheduled blogger.


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