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El-No: Move Over Miley

I feel like I'm watching an ABC Family movie.

In this episode, the silly kid sister sneaks off to the city to strike it big (music/ modeling/ spelling bee).

She's alone except for her cartoon character backpack. "That'll show them!" she whines. It seems they forgot her special occasion (birthday/ school play/ opening day of her lemonade stand franchise).

Panicked, her parents know just what to do. They drive in and find the little girl at the train station. Awwwwww. "We'll never ignore you again!" Hugs all around.

The little girl is so happy that she is driven to sing and dance. A talent agent just happens to be at the train station! She gets discovered. Awwwwww. "We're so proud of you!" High Five!

And... Scene.

Call the Disney channel. This shiz is gold.

This sweet story almost made me forget that this reader submitted photo is of an adult wearing stir up pants with Minnie Mouse style flip flops.

But it didn't. Even the most saccharine of shows can't make this combination seem like a good idea for an adult.



*Thanks for the photo MHD!

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