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El-No: Bad Idea Boxers

"You better post that on Facebook."

Darnit! I got apprehended!

It was the first time I was caught red handed taking a photo for my blog. My entrappers were two SAIC girls on a smoke break outside. They had been watching Miss El-No walk down Michigan Ave for a few minutes. "I think those are boxer shorts."

Damn skippy. Those were boxer shorts. Worn in combination with grey nylons, grey leg warmers, and white Reeboks. The whole ensemble was like a strange hybrid of morning after walk of shame, laundry laziness, and an ode to 90's fitness.

I didn't get it. Either did the art school sidewalk commentators.

Truth: I don't have the legs for shorts. But, I do think that they can be really cute in the winter when paired with opaque tights and even knit legwarmers. Maybe these Theory Wool Jersery Shorties ($80) would work? Obviously, girlfriend should replace the Reeboks with these MacAlister Wedge Booties ($198) from J.Crew.

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