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El-No: You Need A New Best Friend

As I write this, two chubby little french bulldogs are snoring away to my right. These little loves provide oodles of kisses, licks, and laughs. They are also quite fashion savy and would never let me leave the house in this type of ensemble.

Woof! Don't even think about wearing that shiz. See? 

It appears that Miss El-No's canine bestie is not schooled in the art of styling. Clearly the dog is responsible for the hideous Reeboks and pant/ skirt layering situation. Fido should have chewed up those kicks the minute they were removed from the box.

While still nodding to Springtime brights, Miss EL-No can do much better than this look. How about these turquoise fitted skinny jeans from Forever 21 ($15.50)? For a dog walk, I'd pair them with these adorbs plaid laceless Keds for $45. 

*Thanks for the photo SR


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