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El-No: Lilac Lace and Getaway Shoes

This reader submitted photo came with an addendum: Miss El-No has heliotrope hair! I have to give her props for really completing her monochromatic look. Violet colored tresses are a major commitment!

But I digress...

My real issue is the tight purple dress and Toms combo. Why is Miss El-No rocking this dress in broad day light?

My guess: This is a morning after/ walk of shame situation. Perhaps the Toms were hiding in her purse last night as a post-hookup insurance policy. Sort of like the shoe version of the Oral B Brush Ups

Miss El-No should make some room in her pocketbook for this Palm Breeze-ly tunic in black ($34.99 from Modcloth). She could layer this black top over the tight dress as cameo for her walk of shame home. Always be prepared. It's really just common sense. 

*Thanks for the photo RF, KO, and LTO


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