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El-No: Is That A Mouse In Your Boot? 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Those were the sounds coming from these HUGE boots as Miss El-No was calumping down the street. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

The boots looked like they were going to swallow up this small little lady. Of course the huge backpack wasn't doing her any favors either. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

The constant squeak makes me think that these kicks were made out of PVC. Either that or each step is powered by an army of mice. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Make it STOP! I beg of you! 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Short of soaking the boots in WD-40, I'm not sure that these are salvageable (or attractive... but whose counting). How about these Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boots from Urban Outfitters ($69)? They are less angsty/ Dungeon mistressy and a little more chic. I'd also replace the backpack with this BDG Suede Tote Bag ($59). 



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