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El-No: Mental R and R at the Market 

You know you are a mommy when a trip to the grocery store (alone!) seems like a vacation. 

I spent my twenty minute vacation wondering through the market looking for additions for our dinner. While lingering in the Cabernet aisle, I happened to glance over into the beer section. Miss El-No was just drifting through the bottles trying to decide which six pack to buy. 

Fanny pack! Polka dot bike shorts! Crazy tight skirt! 

I instantly got excited. 

I abandoned the wine section and followed Miss El-No through the store in hopes of landing a little picture and some insight into this ensemble. 

I gather that she is going for an artistic vibe that is bicycle friendly. I think she can do better. I'd replace the fanny with this colorful BDG Crossbody Buckle Bag in mint for $39. It would work perfectly with this fabulous Sparkle & Fade knit cross-back jumper $59. Both would be excellent additions to a Fall wardrobe. 




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