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El-Yes: Amazingly Autumnal

I went to Design Harvest on Sunday. I dipped in and out tents and design stores looking for interior inspiration. I must be really out of the loop because I had no idea that Post 27 and The Painted Lady switched places! 

Somewhere between falling in love with a Nest pumpkin chai candle and a trip to see the farm animals at Christy Webber, I spotted Miss El-Yes. She was coming out of store with vintage kitchen implements and I was cooing at babies. I struggled to get my phone out quickly but only managed to snap a picture as she strolled away. 

She looks fabulously Fall in her boots, slim pants, and a leather peplum jacket. I think that I need this ensemble (as well as that Nest candle that I was eyeing). 

Haider Ackerman Leather Peplum Jacket for $4,540

J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck Tee for $39.50

Gap Legging Jean for $34.95

Tory Burch Jess Flat Riding Boot for $525



El-No: It's A Wonderful Life

"Teacher says: Every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings." 

What has to ring for this to happen? 

The silver lining: At least this isn't an angel wing tattoo. 

Sigh. Girlfriend needs her wings clipped. Let's switch out the sweatshirt for this Sattva Pullover from Lululemon ($108). Love! Please note the wingless back detailing!

*Thanks for the photo DH



El-No: The Little Legging That Shouldn't

Admittedly, I'm anti leggings as pants.

Try as they might they just aren't pants. A legwear layering piece, yes! Pants, no.

But this photo has me all spun up. It made me realize that I'm a legging sexist.

I am not on the "men wearing leggings as pants" train. In fact, I'm wishing that train was safely parked in the bad fashion roundhouse. Choo choo!

This legging clad gent was showing off a little too much for my taste (don't even get me started on the crop top). Clothing should leave something to the imagination. In this case, it was all out there and encased in tight synthetic fabric.

Please put on some actual pants. This just shouldn't be a thing.


El-No: A Fashion Fur Pas

Chinese Crested dogs are the International symbol for "ugly dog." They are always portrayed in movies and TV shows as loveable but fugly. I feel like a sad trombone plays every time the appear. Wah waaaaah.

Personally, I think they're adorable. But somebody better call PETA about this doggie ensemble. 

These poor little guys already have the deck stacked, why add on a horrible crocheted sweater? This ugly thing (sweater, not dog) borders on mean. Seriously lady. Do you see this dog hanging her tail in shame? 

Cruella de Ville might want to go shopping on Etsy and find something a little more puppy chic. Perhaps this high collar knit sweater from Bean Town Handmade for $55? The stripes are totally preptastic and the thick knit will keep Fido warm and stylish. 


El-Yes: Internet Ha Ha 


El-Read: Make It Work!

Don't mind me... I'm just starstruck.

I got to meet Tim Gunn on Friday and hear him speak about his new book Tim Gunn's Fashion Bible. He discussed historical fashion trends, the politics of academia, and the even threw in a little jab at Team Kardashian. I felt like he was speaking directly to me. 

I just love him. And I loooove this book. It's the sassy ballet flat of a fashion history books. Short, sweet, practical, and enjoyable. The book is filled with all of the fun and necessary highlights of fashion history without the long boring descriptions of antiquity. Score!






El-Buy: Fashion Week - Floral

These flowers are dreamy for Fall!

El-No Chicago Fashion Week - Floral



Peplum top

H m
$32 -

TIBI peplum shirt

$145 -

default | Banana Republic



El-Buy: Fashion Week - Blue 

Beautiful blues for Fall. 

El-No Chicago Fashion Week - Blue

Blue dress

Kate spade

Kate spade

Kate spade

Quilted bag

Kate spade

Kate spade



El-Buy: Fashion Week - Cap Toe

Cap toes a go go!

El-No Chicago Fashion Week - Cap toe

Chanel shoes

Tory burch flat

Ivanka trump shoes

Schutz flat

Elizabeth and jame

Kate spade

Loeffler Randall Natalie

Kate Spade New York Eddie


El-Buy: Fashion Week - Leather

I am loving these fabulous leather looks for Fall! Here are some of my favorite pieces... 

El-No Chicago Fashion Week - Leather

Sachin Babi pencil skirt

Tory burch

Alice Olivia leather skirt

Tory burch

Rachel zoe

Hermès strappy shoes




El-Buy: Fashion Week - Wine

It's Fashion Week here at El-No Chicago! I'll be showing you my favorite trends for Fall (that are all available at mass fashion retailers). Get your credit cards out, we have a lot of shopping ahead. 

Trend: Wine (I love to drink it and I love to wear it)

El-No Chicago Fashion Week: Wine


El-No: Mental R and R at the Market 

You know you are a mommy when a trip to the grocery store (alone!) seems like a vacation. 

I spent my twenty minute vacation wondering through the market looking for additions for our dinner. While lingering in the Cabernet aisle, I happened to glance over into the beer section. Miss El-No was just drifting through the bottles trying to decide which six pack to buy. 

Fanny pack! Polka dot bike shorts! Crazy tight skirt! 

I instantly got excited. 

I abandoned the wine section and followed Miss El-No through the store in hopes of landing a little picture and some insight into this ensemble. 

I gather that she is going for an artistic vibe that is bicycle friendly. I think she can do better. I'd replace the fanny with this colorful BDG Crossbody Buckle Bag in mint for $39. It would work perfectly with this fabulous Sparkle & Fade knit cross-back jumper $59. Both would be excellent additions to a Fall wardrobe. 





El-No: Is That A Mouse In Your Boot? 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Those were the sounds coming from these HUGE boots as Miss El-No was calumping down the street. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

The boots looked like they were going to swallow up this small little lady. Of course the huge backpack wasn't doing her any favors either. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

The constant squeak makes me think that these kicks were made out of PVC. Either that or each step is powered by an army of mice. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Make it STOP! I beg of you! 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Short of soaking the boots in WD-40, I'm not sure that these are salvageable (or attractive... but whose counting). How about these Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boots from Urban Outfitters ($69)? They are less angsty/ Dungeon mistressy and a little more chic. I'd also replace the backpack with this BDG Suede Tote Bag ($59). 




El-No: Lilac Lace and Getaway Shoes

This reader submitted photo came with an addendum: Miss El-No has heliotrope hair! I have to give her props for really completing her monochromatic look. Violet colored tresses are a major commitment!

But I digress...

My real issue is the tight purple dress and Toms combo. Why is Miss El-No rocking this dress in broad day light?

My guess: This is a morning after/ walk of shame situation. Perhaps the Toms were hiding in her purse last night as a post-hookup insurance policy. Sort of like the shoe version of the Oral B Brush Ups

Miss El-No should make some room in her pocketbook for this Palm Breeze-ly tunic in black ($34.99 from Modcloth). She could layer this black top over the tight dress as cameo for her walk of shame home. Always be prepared. It's really just common sense. 

*Thanks for the photo RF, KO, and LTO



El-Yes: Mais Oui!

I am going to a fabulous french fete on Friday! 

I'll be heading to the Junior League of Chicago's Summer Soiree: Fete de Paris at the Chicago History Museum. But the invitation says: Parisian Chic. Um... quoi? 

Take a cue from the French with a simple cocktail dress. Dress it up with some lovely and simple accesories and oh la la! 

Summer Soiree: Fete de Paris


El-No: The Doctor Will See You Now

Forget the $20 co-pay ladies. 

For mere pennies (well actually $2.25), you can commute to work and get your yearly OBGYN appointment knocked out. Great news! This is almost as exciting as finding out that the Sea of Galilee is open for skinny dipping

Judging by his advertising practices, it seems like this "Recreational Gynecologist" is trying to keep his overhead low. Clearly a shrewd businessman. 

I vote that the good doctor stop using his shirt and start using business cards. 

*Thanks for the photo AS!



El-No: Clean Up on Aisle 4

You know all of those well dressed and fashionable people in the TJ Maxx ads? Well, this post isn't about them.

I followed this Maxxinista into the downtown store. As you can see, she was wearing a crop top, horrible denim shorts (these are equal parts mom jean and slutty teen), and wedges. She stuck out in the sea of discounted fashions. The overhead lighting didn't do her any favors either.

Miss Maxxinista was cruising for "Casual Tops." I am hoping that she also checks out the "Shorts that don't make you look like a middle aged streetwalker" and "Age appropriate shoes you can walk in" sections of the store.

Fingers crossed that she digs up a better look. I think this DVF New Hanky asymmetrical hem top for $117.90 top would be a safer choice. (And by safer, I mean in a fire, her stomach wouldn't get burned). I'd also suggest these Haute Hippie Print Drawstring Silk shorts for $145.90  and Sofft Ibiza Sandal for $69.90 shoes. Ahhhh, she looks her age and was still shopping in the sale racks! What a relief.


El-Yes: Nights In White Satin

No, I am not listening to the Moody Blues. Chicago in White is coming in a few weeks and I have nothing to wear!

I love a good party (I should buy stock in Casapri Inc as I have probably kept them afloat with my addiction to cocktail napkins). Anyway, on Saturday, August 25th, the ultimate dinner party will be occurring. 

Chicago in White is a foodie flash mob that will be attended this year by over 2,000 guests in a surprise location. Each diner will the packing their picnic supplies and heading to the destination in head to toe white ensembles. A totally chic way to say farewell to summer. 

So back to my closet... What the heck am I going to wear? 

I rounded up my favorite white dresses and accessories on Rent the Runway. These designer duds are all available for the weekend of the white dinner. So, better hop to it ladies!

*** Readers, if you want to purchase a ticket to this amazing event, click on this link. ***


Chicago In White 2012: Get the Look!






El-Yes: Internet Ha Ha (Advice)


El-No: Change Is Gonna Come

I'll never be the same.

I'm still reeling from yesterday's game changers: The Honey Boo Boo Child Show and City Target.

Let's start with Miss Honey Boo Boo. If reality tv shows were a high school cafeteria, you'd see me sitting with the girly girls, drama queens, and train wrecks. Dating shows and The Real Housewives are really my wheel house but I do love a good train wreck (a la Hoarders). 

Last night, I tried to watch TLC's new show about Honey Boo Boo Child. I lasted five minutes and thought that my brain would explode. I've actually discovered a reality tv show that is too much for me. Just a few minutes of watching had me praying for the future of America and craving cable news. 

I will not be watching again. But I will be going back to the glorious City Target! 

I am in looooove with our new urban Tar-jay. It is so shiny and clean. 

I was exploring yesterday, and discovered Miss El-No near the second floor escalators. She was wearing a low riding mullet skirt and sensible shoes. Yuck. I might have been able to handle the skirt if it weren't for the exposed midriff and podiatry patient kicks. 

Miss El-No should stay on the second floor and pick up this Xihileration Juniors 3/4 Sleeve Dress in Blue/ Black for $24.99. These A2 by Aerosoles sandals ($54.99) are comfortable without being hideous- the black version would look great with the dress. Add a pop of color with this yellow belt from Merona ($12.99).