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El-No: Goo Goo Ga Ga Goodfellas

I felt decidedly under dressed at baby music class. 

In a sea of Lululemon mommy uniforms, Mr. El-No stuck out like a gleaming gold extra in Mob Wives Chicago

I noticed the faux Louis Vuitton shirt the moment my tiny musician and I arrived at class. And of course who could miss the multiple gold chains, the large watch, or the sparkling stacks of diamond and gold rings? Didn't Sopranos go off the air?

While my mini was shaking her maracas, I was shaking my head. Was it safe to sit with my back to the door? Were "Willie Potatoes" and "Joey Doves" going to jump out from behind the toy drums? 

Apparently mafiosos have kids too. 





El-No: Is That A Mouse In Your Boot? 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Those were the sounds coming from these HUGE boots as Miss El-No was calumping down the street. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

The boots looked like they were going to swallow up this small little lady. Of course the huge backpack wasn't doing her any favors either. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

The constant squeak makes me think that these kicks were made out of PVC. Either that or each step is powered by an army of mice. 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Make it STOP! I beg of you! 

Clunk. Squeak. Clunk. Squeak. 

Short of soaking the boots in WD-40, I'm not sure that these are salvageable (or attractive... but whose counting). How about these Ecote Alexandra Suede Ankle Boots from Urban Outfitters ($69)? They are less angsty/ Dungeon mistressy and a little more chic. I'd also replace the backpack with this BDG Suede Tote Bag ($59). 




El-Yes: Mom Style

I was standing in a sea of luggage (mine) when I saw Mrs. El-Yes.

Growing up, my family subscribed to the "you pack it, you carry it" method of travel. Thus I have never had to negotiate piles of baggage.

But, add in a tiny creature and the luggage grows exponentially. Babies need gear... So much gear that I ended up standing curbside in a pile of bags while my husband got the car. Bag duty is the perfect time for people watching!

The Mrs, and her cute family, were in and out of the Arrival zone in minutes. Efficient and stylish - my kind of people. Mrs El-Yes looked absolutely lovely in her blue and green dress and coordinating Vera Bradley carry on bag. Love!

Get her look with this lightweight patterned dress from Garnet Hill for $78. Complete the look with this Vera Bradley tote in bosenberry for $86


El-Buy: Botanic Manic

It was only supposed to be a quick trip into Subway (as quick as one can be while lugging an infant occupied carseat). Why pay for parking? I'll just throw on the blinkers!

$56.82 later (parking ticket + mediocre 6 inch sandwich), I am cursing myself and that darn lolly gagging sandwich artist. Why Chicago bicycle riding parking patrolmen? Why? **shakes fist at the heavens while silently cursing myself because I am really to blame.**

I would have much rather spent that $50 on this cool iPad cover at Antropologie. I would have been the chicest chica at the pool with this fab Botanic Trills iPad Case ($38). Alas. 


El-Buy: Thanks Mom!

I was under the impression that I would receive some kind of instruction book when I checked out of the hospital with our new little bundle of joy. 

I expected the book of parenting directions to incorporate sections about childrearing and a glossery of FAQs that I would field as a mother. It was supposed to include age appropriate answers to questions like: Where do babies come from? Why do I have to eat broccoli? How do I know if this boy likes me? How do I do laundry?

Shockingly, there is no Mom Manual (either that or mine was lost in the mail). We all just have to figure this out as we go along. 

So, cheers to all of the Mothers. Navigating parenthood is tough stuff, so I think that Mom deserves a litle treat. Check out my favorite gift ideas on my Mother's Day Gift Ideas board



El-No: Saved By Sonia

Every Sunday I take a trip to the local produce market. Lately, I have been stocking up on citrus fruits and photos of horrible outfits. 

Yesterday was no exception. 

Over by the breads, I discovered Miss El-No and her ridiculous hat. By "ridiculous" I mean "hideous headpiece that belongs on a pre-adolescent boy on a ski slope." 

What the heck was she thinking? This topper isn't even witty or ironic. It is just bad. 

I am loving this Sonia Rykiel Two Tone Bow cap at Nordstrom for $125. Rykiel, a French designer, is known as the "Queen of Knits" and introduced the idea of individualized clothing. She encouraged women to wear their clothing inside out and personalize the fit. These two ideas earned her a spot as one of the world's most elegant women. 




El-No: Sequin Seminar

Sometimes I daydream about all the people in America with bad fashion habits getting rounded up together for a required educational seminar.

This garment gulag would provide seminars and trainings about clipping your cell phone on your belt (Hey Zach Morris, do you really need to reach your phone that quickly? Can't it just go in your pocket or purse?)  or showing excessive cleavage (Put that shiz away.). 

I envision this course would be held in either a convention center in Vegas or at the Jersey Shore. 

This vision in sequins should definitely attend. Sparkling leather clogs, clothes, and a purse?! She might be too far gone for help. Oy. 

Here's a tip- try limiting your glitter and spangles to one article of clothing at a time. A little restraint will let you shine instead of your clothing and accessories. 

*Thanks for the photo DH




El-Yes: Fondness for Ford; Passion for Paltrow

Oh Gwynie. Just when I think that I couldn't love you anymore, you show up looking perfect.

I am not sure this is good for my health or wallet. I am already an avid goop reader, lover of Tracy Anderson, and Spanish food convert. I refuse to name my future child Apple. Stop making me have a girl crush on you!!!

Obviously, Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom simple Tom Ford sheath/ cape was my favorite look from last night's Academy Awards. Call me old fashioned, but you just can't top pristine tailoring. She was a modern take on Sixties vintage. I might have to go reread A Thousand Days of Magic: Dressing Jackie Kennedy for the White House

Sorry J.Lo- nip slips and open shoulders do nothing for me. 

Don't judge. I'm not the only one with a Gwyeth crush. Check out this pony post from Lock and Mane. 

Since I have spent all of my hard earned cash on workout dvds, Coldplay downloads, and goop iPad apps, I'm looking to Rent the Runway for some help in channelling my inner Paltrow. 

This Icelandic Dreams Dress from Halston Heritage provides the same lines and color (but with a more real-life friendly knee length hemline). It retails for $295 but you can rent it for $60! You can add a little sparkle with this Cara Accessories Dress Me Up Cuff Bracelet for $15. 



El-Yes: Seasonal Disorder

I think Spring might have sprung.

I'm using that as my rational for all the florals that I've been craving. Yesterday, I almost broke out my cream colored floral flats (I know it is too soon... But they just looked so lonely in their box). These crazy temperatures and sunny days have me all mixed up.

Miss El-Yes has the right idea for the spring-like temps in a decidedly winter month. Seasonal pattern mixing! Right on sister. I love her plaid coat and floral scarf combination.

Get this look with a little help from Free People. This gorgeous vintage brushed plaid coat ($248) will take you through the cool temps expected in February and March. Pair it with this great DVF flowery scarf ($165). The color and pattern are a perfect way to inject a little Springtime sass.




El-Yes: Jealous Much?

I'm not sure if Santa's Elves have a direct line to Chanel, but if so, I hope that I made the "Nice" list. 

I am totally evergreen with envy over Miss El-Yes's French goods. I could stare at them for hours. The buttery leather! The quilting! The craftsmanship!

Admittedly, I am jealous. 

I might need to stop by eDrop-Off and see if I can satisfy my lux lust. 

*Thanks for the photo PS!




El-Yes: Little Red Riding Hood

Tomorrow, I'll be going over the river and through the woods to a soon-to-be grandmother's house (to prep for Thanksgiving). Since we are not living in that new Once Upon A Time show, I doubt that I will need to worry about seeing any wolves. 

But if this were a Grimm's Fairy Tale, I just found the perfect ensemble. 

Miss El-No is looking particularly adorable in her little red cape. I am also going ga ga over her cobalt leather tote. It is just big enough to store all of the Thanksgiving necessities: my eatin' pants and tupperware for leftovers.

Where can I get this look?

Knit Poncho from Eileen Fisher ($158) 

Make Your Own! Laudi Vidni Leather Bags start at $85


El-No: Head Case 

According to the Dictionary, a scrunchie is “a thick elasticated band loosely covered with fabric, used to hold a bunch of hair, for example, in a pony tail.”

Interesting. Obviously those reference book people didn’t call me up to write the description of this lovely hair accessory. If I were consulted, the definition would read:

Scrunchie (n) a thick elasticated band covered with fabric, popularized in the Eighties and worn only by children, cheerleaders, ironic hipsters who shop at American Apparel, or women while washing their faces at night (but only as a last resort)

Seriously. Who wears scrunchies?

This lady does obviously…. and bedazzled hair pins too. I not so slyly chased Miss El-No down the street hoping to catch a good shot of this hair don’t. What resulted was a series of action shots that are making me consider publishing a bad hair flipbook.

I think Miss El-No should ditch the outdated hair accessories. She can update her look with some of these classic options from Lock and Mane.

Deepa Gurnani Stone and Chain Three Circle Headwrap for $75

France Luxe Melrose Ponytail Holder for $23

Jennifer Ouellette Extra Wide Striped Headband for $28



El-Yes: Missed Connections

You: Girl whose got it going on (pattern mixing, that is). 

Me: Mildly stalking you down Wacker Drive with hopes to get a good photo. This involved weaving in and out of pedestrians and also hanging up on my husband so that I could get my phone poised and ready.

You had me with the cream and brown leopard print sweater and navy straight skirt. But then I saw your fabulous bag! I adore this combination. I am also mildly jealous of the Pantene ad bouncy hair. 

I hope Miss El-Yes doesn't mind, but I totally want her look. I'm using her as the inspiration for some Fall shopping.

Top: Crumpet Leopard Print Cashmere Sweater from Net-a-porter for $465

Skirt: Heather Flannel Telegraph Pencil Skirt in Super 120s from J. Crew for $128

Bag: Andi Bag in Sunrise from 1154 Lill for $87

Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden Taupe Suede Noted Wedge from Piperlime for $169

Bling: Tinley Road Ivory Cabachon Bangle from Piperlime for $24



El-No: It’s A Labor Day Mystery 

Transparent leopard print shirt: check

Exposed black lace bra: check

Jorts: check

Fishnets: check

Hiking socks: check

Black leather combat boots: check

Looks like Miss El-No has her packing list finalized for the long holiday weekend.

She seems to have a pretty wild vacation planned! It looks like she’ll be going on some sort of hooker safari and hiking trip. I’m guessing it is overseas (maybe on the African tundra?). I have so many questions about this mystery locale.

Miss El-No is clearly wearing all of her gear so that she won’t have to pay the baggage fees. Wise lady.

I think Miss El-No needs a carry on bag for her trip. I am in LOVE with the custom canvas and leather bags from iomoi. I think a monogrammed leather shopping tote is just what she’ll want to take on her safari! Of course she might also be heading to the tropics and will need a canvas bag for the beach. So many choices, so little time! 


El-Buy: Eat Your Heart Out F. Scott Fitzgerald


Regrettably, I have not been practicing the Charleston. It just hasn't made it into my fitness regime. 

 So this Friday, I plan to sip speakeasy cocktails and twirl my ropes of pearls from the side of the dance floor. I will be channelling the Jazz Age at the Junior League of Chicago's annual Summer Soiree: A Gatsby Garden Party. 

I will be celebrating this fete with some fabulous flapper fashion. Flappers, the young social set of the Twenties, got their name from their dresses. Their drop waist dresses were embellished with sequins and spangles- which made flapping noises while the girls were dancing. Those are some hot moves mama!

Here are some ideas to wear to this Prohibition themed extravaganza. Go get your ticket and your feathered headband today!



Gatsby Garden Party


ECI beaded dress
$138 -



Maryjane shoes
$136 -


J crew jewelry
$118 -


ASOS goldtone earrings
$14 -


ASOS engraved earrings
$21 -


ASOS origami jewelry
$26 -


Forever21 beading necklace
$7.80 -











El-No: Down With The Faux

The Real Housewives of Atlanta and Fake Designer Bags

What is "two things I just don't tolerate?" Ding ding! You win big money!!!!

An avid watcher of all things RHO, I just can't get behind Atlanta. Maybe it's the auto tune or the fact that Kim Zolciak doesn't look like she is in her early thirties? I don't know why, but I'm out. 

Now the knock off bags .... They make my blood boil. This is not due to sack snobbery by an means. No, this is about intellectual property theft and poor labor conditions. What do you think makes the prices so low?

I saw Miss El-No and her faux on Michigan Ave. Why the Louisesque bag? Stop the "fake it 'til you make it" vibe. That doesn't work with accessories or singing (sorry Kim). Just own your price point and find something amazing that fits within it. You purse purchase doesn't need to bankrupt you and shouldn't require shady shopping (especially of the sidewalk sale out of a trash bag variety). 

I think Miss El-No needs to hop on over to Shop eDrop-Off. This online designer consignment store is a great way to affordably mix luxury goods into your wardrobe. Of course Miss El-No could also channel her inner designer and make her own leather handbag at Laudi Vidni.

Either option is a win!





El-No: Clueless

Oh dear.

I don't know what I'm more upset about: the leggings, the sleeveless shirt, or the mini backpack. (I am aware that I am ignoring the floral romper, but we can't fight every battle).

Why is this poor soul dressed like an extra in the movie Clueless? News flash: That outfit is NOT what you want to wear when you make a "cameo at the Val party." Leggings are not pants. As if.

Look like you have a clue with help of Trunk Club. Those stylists can whip men right into shape (both your work and weekend looks).

Of course no makeover would be complete without some new accessories - the mini backpack needs to go. I think Jack Spade is just the guy for the job. How about one of these options?

Conservative: Drill Nylon Computer File Case Bag for $450

Casual: Work Twill Swiss Brief with Flap Bag for $375

Color: Nylon Canvas Computer Field Bag for $195





El-Yes? El-No? Maybe So

Mother Nature seems a bit confused.

Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun. With this baffling summer weather, I was bound to find some rainbows.

I spotted my first multi-colored Mrs. at a meeting. From her colorful shoes (which she scored at Robin Richman... natch) to her vintage pin, I was enraptured. I guess I have stripe lust because I am in love with this skirt. It serves as a focal point for this multi hued madness and makes it work as an ensemble. While this isn't for the fashion faint of heart, it is graphic and successful.

But just when I was getting ready to embrace the rainbow, I spotted an outfit that was ROYGIV revolting.

This colorful chickie has way too much going on. An over abundance of jewels, crazy socks, two unrelated solid color pieces, and boots- perhaps this is the work of a schizophrenic leprechaun?

It's a color conundrum. Why is one a risky "do" and the other a risky "don't"?

The key to playing with pigment is to have one or two crazy anchor pieces to which the rest of the outfit and palette relate. Miss El-No could have been a yes if she ditched one arms worth of bangles and replaced the socks/ boots with a simple sandal and a bare leg. What works for clothing works with life: Keep It Simple Sister!



El-No: T.G.I. Friday


Black coffee; hold the court jester.

Miss El-No, we need to talk about your flair.

I try to avoid restaurants that require employees to wear silly decorative buttons or baubles. Demanding hilarity just isn’t entertaining. It seems a little demeaning. 

So, I am at a loss here with the hat. I get it, you are a barista and you have drink orders. Why staple them to your cap? And what is happening with the roll of plastic bags hanging down your back?

It sort of looks like this is the beginning phase of that bridal shower game with the toilet paper. You know the one you play by making a wedding gown out of paper products.

Except this isn’t a bridal shower. This is Starbucks- a place filled with people who require coffee to start off their morning. Do caffeine junkies strike you as the type of people who will respond well to this?



El-No: Mad Hatter

I suspect that this girl is wearing a Yankee Candle on her head.

How fascinator-ing.

Surrealist designer Elsa Schaparelli loved to make accessories that were inspired by oddities. My favorites are a hat shaped like a high heel (1937) and a necklace full of plastic bugs (1938). Thought provoking and imaginative, these accessories pushed the envelope and embodied the objectives of Surrealism.

Miss El-No is no Elsa. This hat is straight up Hobby Lobby.

There has got to be a better way. Check out this fascinator tutorial from P.S. I Made This. Feathers! Ribbons! It is totally fashionable fun.