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El-Buy: Kate Looks Great

I have princess envy. 

I have switched my Middleton allegiance from Pips to Kate. Don't act surprised Pippa. You know what you did. LEGGINGS as PANTS?!

This lace back gown is just stunning and has turned the Dutchess of Cambridge into a bit of a sexy Sadie. Never one to directly copy, I found these amazing black lace cocktail dresses that might need to make their way into my closet. Behold the Mason by Michelle Mason lace back cocktail dress ($335) and the lace dolman dress ($380). They are the perfect marriage between conservative and sexpot. 

* Picture from Radar Online


El-Yes: Fondness for Ford; Passion for Paltrow

Oh Gwynie. Just when I think that I couldn't love you anymore, you show up looking perfect.

I am not sure this is good for my health or wallet. I am already an avid goop reader, lover of Tracy Anderson, and Spanish food convert. I refuse to name my future child Apple. Stop making me have a girl crush on you!!!

Obviously, Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom simple Tom Ford sheath/ cape was my favorite look from last night's Academy Awards. Call me old fashioned, but you just can't top pristine tailoring. She was a modern take on Sixties vintage. I might have to go reread A Thousand Days of Magic: Dressing Jackie Kennedy for the White House

Sorry J.Lo- nip slips and open shoulders do nothing for me. 

Don't judge. I'm not the only one with a Gwyeth crush. Check out this pony post from Lock and Mane. 

Since I have spent all of my hard earned cash on workout dvds, Coldplay downloads, and goop iPad apps, I'm looking to Rent the Runway for some help in channelling my inner Paltrow. 

This Icelandic Dreams Dress from Halston Heritage provides the same lines and color (but with a more real-life friendly knee length hemline). It retails for $295 but you can rent it for $60! You can add a little sparkle with this Cara Accessories Dress Me Up Cuff Bracelet for $15. 



El-Yes: Back That Thing Up 

Truth: Last night I watched porn... fashion porn. 

I missed the Golden Globes red carpet- thanks to an everlasting baby prep class at the hospital. Don't be jealous. It involved a graphic birthing video. Once we got home, I melted into the sofa to watch the actual show. Is it wrong to say that I was way more excited about the clothes than the awards? 

Frankly those dresses had me feeling tumultuous. They were polarizing. I either loved them or totally hated them. Side Note: Angelina please eat something. Even in unflattering shiny fabric, you still look way too mini. 

While I saw loads of great trends (big hair, vibrant blues), my favorite trend was the sleek modern dress with an open back.  What a graceful and clean silhouette. 

Heidi Klum in Calvin Klein dress (image via RCFA)

Claire Danes in J.Mendel (image via BellaSugar)

Want to get this celeb look for your next big night out? Check out these amazing and sexy LBD (rentable) options from Rent The Runway!

Roksanda Ilincic Midnight Drape Back Dress- retails for $2,000 and rents for $200

Lela Rose Ultra-Chic Backless Dress- retails for $1,195 and rents for $100

Calvin Klein Collection Ramon Dress- retails for $1,195 and rents for $150





El-Yes: Trump Card

Hazy from our Vegas adventure and famished, my husband and I hit up a Mexican place in the Denver Airport.

In mid food order I looked over and saw an adorable pregnant girl wearing a great ensemble. Obviously taking photos trumped my salad order, so I stepped away from the counter and tried to position myself to get a good picture. Then I heard her unmistakable voice. “May I get a water?”

Ivanka look like this when I travel.

Clad in a ¾ length sleeve khaki wool cape/ coat and carrying a lovely eggplant colored leather bar, she was just stunning. I actually froze when I realized it was Ivanka Trump. An accidental member of the paparazzi, I didn’t want her to think I was trying to get a picture! So this photo is the best I could manage.

I wonder if she is hiring a style Apprentice? If so, I would like the job.

Get an updated Spring version of this look by changing up the fabric and color. I love this navy ¾ length ruffle trench for $435 from Milly. Pair it with a stylish tote (perfect for carrying water, a computer, and treats on board the flight). I like this white Gucci icon bit bag for $1,600.


Guest Post By Susie Stylist- El-No: Grab the first thing and put it on

If I had all the money in the world aka was a high-paid movie celebrity, I would hire my stylist to come in every day and plan my outfits.  That or leave polaroids in my closets of ‘looks’ that would make the paparazzi swoon.  I would not, however, wander out of my house looking like this:

(photo courtesy of PopSugar)

Dear Ms. Garner,

Somewhere, Rachel Zoe (your stylist) is uttering the words ‘I Die’ and not because she’s proud.  It’s because she has literally died.  Of embarrassment. What in the El were you thinking?  Sure, you’re a mom on the go and your little cherubs are adorable, but the ill-fitting sweater, with the light-wash man jeans, tucked into an ankle-high motorcycle boot, a black pea coat all accessorized with a random blue handbag?  Blerg.  Let’s try this again.

Look your best,



Perhaps this Sweater from Modcloth for $30 

Paired with these Paige Denim Verdugo Jeggings from Shopbop for $179

Tucked into these Frye Enginer Boots for $208

All layered underneath this wool Pamela coat from Banana Republic for $200 

Accessorized with the Deux Lux Mercer Handbag for $93



El-No: I Feel (ran) Sick 

Yesterday evening was just upsetting.

First, I accidentally turned on DWTS and got sucked into watching Bristol do the cha cha. Then, I flipped on Gossip Girl.  I was so traumatized by Serena’s Michael Jackson inspired sequined Pucci jacket that I almost didn’t appreciate the glorious red Oscar de la Renta confection worn by Blair. Then, I opened my email and was sent into a tailspin.

I received my first celebrity El-No.

In the name of anonymity, I will just say that I love this Chicago couple and totally adore their show. G and B are sweet, silly, and fun to watch. A reader spotted them while she was walking through Ohare (loving this El-No paparazzi action).

As far as airport travel goes, dark tailored denim is always a winner. My issue is really with B’s shirt.

Why are men so in love with appliqué, screen-printing, and embroidery? Please stop. I can’t take this anymore. If I see one more Ed Hardy/ Affliction inspired eagle/ Chinese dragon/ tattoo I will scream. This type of trendy/ cheesy embellishment just dates your wardrobe.

Trust me B- if you were my apprentice and showed up in that jazz, I’d fire you on the spot.

B should update his look with some new fall shirts that play with pattern and color. How about this appliqué free plaid shirt from Bonobos? Or maybe this berry colored button down from J. Crew?

*Thanks for the photo JBW