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El-Yes: Amazingly Autumnal

I went to Design Harvest on Sunday. I dipped in and out tents and design stores looking for interior inspiration. I must be really out of the loop because I had no idea that Post 27 and The Painted Lady switched places! 

Somewhere between falling in love with a Nest pumpkin chai candle and a trip to see the farm animals at Christy Webber, I spotted Miss El-Yes. She was coming out of store with vintage kitchen implements and I was cooing at babies. I struggled to get my phone out quickly but only managed to snap a picture as she strolled away. 

She looks fabulously Fall in her boots, slim pants, and a leather peplum jacket. I think that I need this ensemble (as well as that Nest candle that I was eyeing). 

Haider Ackerman Leather Peplum Jacket for $4,540

J.Crew Tissue Turtleneck Tee for $39.50

Gap Legging Jean for $34.95

Tory Burch Jess Flat Riding Boot for $525



El-Yes: Falling For Dressage

Naturally, I am going to like any sport that includes the word "dress" in the title. 

I have been glued to the television watching the Olympic equestrian events. With each jump, my craving for Fall clothing has gotten stronger. I know that most girls want a pony, but I think that I am really salivating over the riding pant/ boot/ blazer combos. These horse people know how to dress. 

I think that I might need to wear this fabulous equestrain inspired ensemble as soon as the weather gets cooler. I am especially loving the peplum jacket! 



El-Yes: I Am Your Singing Telegram

Colonel Mustard did it in the Library with a rope! 

Oh wait, sorry. We aren't playing Clue are we? 

I saw Miss Mustard outside of the Cultural Center and was instantly in luurrvv with her beautiful coat. It was a rich creamy leather (I only know this because I followed her across the street to get a closer look). This zesty color is a perfect compliment for crunching through colorful leaves this season.

You can pick up this Autumnal look at Boden. Their mustard colored swing coat ($248) is adorable, and a great shape for this little preggo. It also comes in "Shocking Pink," so you can wear it and think about Italian designer Elsa Schaparelli!




El-No: The Leopard Lady

Happy Halloween!

A leopard print cape, leggings, and leg warmers?! Meow. What a great costume! 

Sadly, Miss El-No is not dressed in Halloween regalia. I took this picture last week during my brief posting hiatus. This is her actual outfit. Seriously. 

Leopards live in sub-Saharan Africa. So why in the heck is Miss El-No prowling around Chicago dressed as a big cat? I think that she saw the Jersey Shore reunion show on MTV and is trying to channel Snooki.

Miss El-No can salvage this look. First she needs to ditch the spotty legwear. I would change into these fab Minnie black slacks ($98), Dream striped sweater ($88), and chic Booker booties ($198) all from J.Crew. This simple ensemble would make the leopard print cape sing... or roar. 



El-Yes: Fantastic Fall

A poncho and shorts are not my usual lust objects.

While they pale in comparison to Jake Gyllenhaal or an Oscar de La Renta cocktail dress, they make an adorable ensemble.

I saw Miss El-Yes walking over by SAIC. She was fashion forward, on trend, and as cozy as a mug of hot apple cider. I need this look!

Poncho: Amber Sun Zip Front Merino Cape for $158
Shorts: Mackage Shorts for $295
Tights: J.Crew Ribbed Tights for $26.50
Shoes: J.Crew Mona Suede Pumps for $198


El-Buy: The Great Fall Cape 

Maybe I’m just really into super heroes.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the cool weather on the horizon and I think a cape might be a good move. Miss El-Yes looks absolutely lovely with her camel colored cloak.

Capes have been around for ages. The Industrial Revolution brought us factories, building materials, and fabulous fashion accessories like the poncho. During the Romantic Period, women’s garments featured very large puffy sleeves that could not fit into a traditional coat sleeve. Capes (called burnouses or paletots) were the answer.

Revive history and look amazing this Fall with a week full of capes.

Steal: LA Kitty Jacket, V Neck Short Sleeve Tie Cape Coat for $56

Splurge: Rachel Roy Cape Coat for $598

Work: Mackage Thea Belted Cape Coat for $530

Weekend Brunch: Calvin Klein Belted Cape for $148

Tailgate: DKNY Nylon Cape for $79.90

Happy Hour: Wren Lizzie Cape Coat for $675

Evening: Novelty Outerwear Coat for $847


*Thanks for the photo DH


El-Yes: What's Better Than Elvis?

I have a meat hangover. Gross but true. 

We stopped into the Lockdown for burgers this weekend. This place is ridiculous and turned me into a glutton (the likes of which has only surfaced once at a Lilly Pulitzer trunk show and sample sale).

Thankfully, I wore my eatin' pants to dinner. 

Regardless, the Fat Elvis burger kicked my butt and resulted in an evening spent on the sofa while in a burger coma. Lord almighty I feel my temperature rising. Thank ya. Thank ya very much.

Through this banana/peanut butter/ burger induced haze, I noticed this El-Yes of an outfit. What a perfect combination of color, pattern, and metallic flare! I love this look almost as much as my amazing dinner.

Order up this ensemble by following the links below:

Shawl: Midnight Blue 2 Ply wrap  from The Pashmina Store for $59.99 
Cardigan: 3.1 Phillip Lim Twist Neck Cardigan from La Garconne for $475
Shirt: Leifsdottir Navy Horse Play Blouse from Bluefly for $114
Jeans: Hudson Jeans Baby Bootcut Stretch Denim from Nordstrom for $198 
Shoes: Metallic Boat Shoe from Sperry for $85




El-No: Potawhat-the-f*ck?


What's Cherokee for "unattractive fringed footwear?"

I saw Miss El-Nava-ho in the airport while I was waiting for our delayed Chicago flight. Five hours of waiting gave me lots of time to ponder these kicks. I had to ask myself: What strain of peyote was she smoking when she got dressed this morning?

This unflattering denim hot pant/ calf hi 3 length moc combo is all wrong. The shoes add bulk and hit her leg at the calf (creating accidental cankles) while the shortie jorties stop at the widest part of her leg. This beautiful girl just added unnecessary weight to her frame... Not to mention that this ensemble seems unsafe to wear while dancing with wolves.

Don't worry Miss El-No, this is an easy fix (no smoke signal decoding required)!

I think that your spirit animal is a Raven, as in Raven Denim. Word on the street is that these jeans look amazing on all body types. You can wear this Eva pair ($185) with these adorable Minnetonka suede driving moccasins ($55) for a much more seasonally appropriate look. Top the ensemble with this geometric Onam cardigan ($148) from Anthropologie. 

Now, knock off the rain dance please. I need to get home to Chicago!





El-Yes: Lady In Red

So tired.

I woke up too early this morning (thanks to a before dawn text conversation). Not that I am upset at all… the message was from my husband, telling me that he was standing next to Hilary Duff at the airport. Tres exciting celeb spotting!

So, it looks like I need a Nineties love song and an IV of pumpkin spice latte to get this day started.

Once I am properly caffeinated, I will be able to discuss the fabulousness that is Miss El-Yes’s ensemble. I love a lady in red (especially this cool tone scarlet that looks so good on blondes). 

Get this perfect crimson look with DVF’s Madeline Tie-Waist Dress ($345). This versatile dress will take you from work to night. Pair it with these gorgeous leg-lengthening Loeffler Randall Deena Peep-Toe Wedges ($395).

I’m totally giddy about the tan saddlebag that Miss El-Yes has used to accessorize her look. Check out this affordable Fall River Island Croc Across Body Saddle Bag from Asos (only $43.91!). Of course, I might hold out for this buttery leather option from Rachel Comey for $518. 



El-Buy: Falling For These Leggings

Get ready to have your world rocked. I have some admissions to make:

  1. I have never seen Jaws or Jurassic Park.
  2. I have not visited the Sears Tower… sorry, Willis Tower.
  3. I do not own a pair of leggings.

I know. Shocking!

I just never thought that leggings were my jam. I have been blessed in the badonkadonk area and have always felt that I look better in skirts. I also hate when I see people who think that leggings and pants are the same thing (they aren’t). But with this fabulously bizarre warm weather, I have been considering making the leap into leggings. They might be just the thing to take my wardrobe through Fall.

Savannah Miller, sister to Sienna and designer of Twenty8Twelve, also agrees. In the recent WSJ article “Making Leggings Dressy and Flattering,” she calls leggings a “key Fall accessory” and mentions that they should be a dark color and not skin tight. Miller says that leggings should ALWAYS be paired with heels (to elongate the leg) and a loose bum-covering top, tunic, or dress.

Sold. Where do I sign up?

I’m picturing my entry into the world of leggings a little like this picture. I will be sipping mulled cider next to a cozy fireplace while wearing a chic Autumnal ensemble. So cute!