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El-No: A Horse Is Of Course, Of Course... 

Is it wrong that Miss El-No's shaggy boots made me think of the horse drawn Budweiser Cart? You know, the one with the clydsdale horses

Her skinnies and insanly furry footwear make her a dead ringer for these feathery hooved beasts of burden. Something tells me that "work horse" is not the look for which Miss El-No is going. 

Miss El-No needs to ditch the Mr. Ed vibe and go with a chic clean look. This Frye Dorado Riding Boot ($458) is just ticket for taking her from equine to equestrian. 

Hey! I don't want to spend that much money! Hay is for horses honey. Looking to save some green? Try out the Ciao Bella Tad Boots on for size. They are on sale for only $79.99 at Piperlime. 

When paired with skinnies, her furry footwear 



El-No: The Doctor Will See You

Cold weather obviously breeds insanity.

Here in Chicago, we have a case of the crazies. First of all, last night's Gossip Girl was postponed for the Bulls game. What?! Who cares about basketball at a time like this? I need to know what is happening with Blair, Louis, and Chuck.

Just when I thought we couldn't get any more nuts, I saw this ensemble. Miss El-No is obviously letting her inner crazy spill out on to the surface.

Leg warmers, purple snow boots, and a jean skirt? I'm no therapist, but it appears Miss El-No has regressed into a child-like state. She is also obviously suffering from Gossip Girl withdrawal.

While I cannot heal her inner turmoil, I can offer up some suggestions regarding this crazy pants of an outfit. How about she switch up the look with a little J.Crew action? I am obsessed with these colorful garment-dyed jeans. Obsessed. I vote this Miss El-No pair these $108 sassy pants (in any color) with with these short Ryder boots (on sale for $198). 

See? All better, and you don't even need to give me your copay or insurance card.


El-Yes: Orange You Glad That Tangerine Is In? 

Holy citrus! According to Pantone, Tangerine is going to be hot hot hot in 2012. 

While I was scoping out the scene on Miami's Lincoln Road, I discovered this lovely lady and her tangerine dream of a dress (paired with electric blue pumps). Someone get me a juicer, I'm craving blood oranges. 

I adore her color palette and think it is a perfect mix. While it is a little early to think about Spring, I am seriously in love with this Shanti Cutwork Dress ($198). Once the warm weather rools around, I would add in these great electric blue peep toe heels from Nine West ($79). 

This perfect pairing is going to wait in the closet until Puxatony Phil gives me the "All Clear" sign. 



El-No: Only In Miami B*tch


Until my holiday trip to Miami, I was unaware that spandex and stripper heels could be worn as daywear. 

You either? Well, surprise! 

We must be in the dark. I have a feeling that the girls over at the Industrial Strip on I-90 have known about this for awhile. Heck, even those Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have the hooker heels 411. 

Sorry girls. Here in Chicago, that shiz won't fly. It's cold  and I can't wear platforms on the slippery sidewalks. I'm trying to avoid a Hookers On Ice moment.

I love these Born Asbee Riding Boots. They are on sale for $148 and are perfect for an afternoon stroll when paired with jeans or slim pants. 








El-No: Searching For Molly Ringwald

In every teenage romantic comedy, there is always a "bad girl." A girl whose edgy style is sexy and mysterious. Miss El-No must have been getting her styling advice from Sixteen Candles or She's All That

This look is a little overly sexy/ spicy for a crisp Fall morning at 8am.  I think that the high school hall monitor might be upset about her ensemble. He will probably label her one of "those girls" and give her a detention. 

The micro mini and thigh high bondage boot combo have me concerned. Isn't she cold? Or possibly worried about catching some sort of cha cha related disease on the train/ bus? 

Upon further photo inspection, I think that she may actually be wearing solid knee high boots and thigh high thick socks/ legwarmers. This is much worse than I thought. 

Obviously a makeover is in order. This ensemble looks a bit more schooltime sassy: 

Plaid Pleat Sleeve Blouse by Bell for $215

Cypress Slim Bell Jean by Genetic Denim for $187

BC Footwear Ballet Flat in Limousine for $46.90




El-No: Electric Purple Pop

This reader submitted photo only loaded halfway. But I think you need to be halfway loaded to think this is acceptable office attire (unless we have very different definitions of business casual- please note that mine does not account for pasties or tassels of any kind).

I admire Miss El-No's use of color. A pop of rich violet always does wonders with black. But purple suede thigh highs? At work?! (Or ever). Where do you work- The Pole Dancers Union?

I suspect that Miss El-No can incorporate her favorite hue while nodding to office decorum. Check out these gorgeous Pour La Victoire purple suede slingbacks ($200). These would look amazing with a suit! Or what about these Madee for Steve Madden violet loafers ($79.95)? They are a perfect fit for slacks in a business causal office environment.



El-Yes: What's Better Than Elvis?

I have a meat hangover. Gross but true. 

We stopped into the Lockdown for burgers this weekend. This place is ridiculous and turned me into a glutton (the likes of which has only surfaced once at a Lilly Pulitzer trunk show and sample sale).

Thankfully, I wore my eatin' pants to dinner. 

Regardless, the Fat Elvis burger kicked my butt and resulted in an evening spent on the sofa while in a burger coma. Lord almighty I feel my temperature rising. Thank ya. Thank ya very much.

Through this banana/peanut butter/ burger induced haze, I noticed this El-Yes of an outfit. What a perfect combination of color, pattern, and metallic flare! I love this look almost as much as my amazing dinner.

Order up this ensemble by following the links below:

Shawl: Midnight Blue 2 Ply wrap  from The Pashmina Store for $59.99 
Cardigan: 3.1 Phillip Lim Twist Neck Cardigan from La Garconne for $475
Shirt: Leifsdottir Navy Horse Play Blouse from Bluefly for $114
Jeans: Hudson Jeans Baby Bootcut Stretch Denim from Nordstrom for $198 
Shoes: Metallic Boat Shoe from Sperry for $85




El-Yes: Missed Connections

You: Girl whose got it going on (pattern mixing, that is). 

Me: Mildly stalking you down Wacker Drive with hopes to get a good photo. This involved weaving in and out of pedestrians and also hanging up on my husband so that I could get my phone poised and ready.

You had me with the cream and brown leopard print sweater and navy straight skirt. But then I saw your fabulous bag! I adore this combination. I am also mildly jealous of the Pantene ad bouncy hair. 

I hope Miss El-Yes doesn't mind, but I totally want her look. I'm using her as the inspiration for some Fall shopping.

Top: Crumpet Leopard Print Cashmere Sweater from Net-a-porter for $465

Skirt: Heather Flannel Telegraph Pencil Skirt in Super 120s from J. Crew for $128

Bag: Andi Bag in Sunrise from 1154 Lill for $87

Shoes: Steven by Steve Madden Taupe Suede Noted Wedge from Piperlime for $169

Bling: Tinley Road Ivory Cabachon Bangle from Piperlime for $24



El-No: Potawhat-the-f*ck?


What's Cherokee for "unattractive fringed footwear?"

I saw Miss El-Nava-ho in the airport while I was waiting for our delayed Chicago flight. Five hours of waiting gave me lots of time to ponder these kicks. I had to ask myself: What strain of peyote was she smoking when she got dressed this morning?

This unflattering denim hot pant/ calf hi 3 length moc combo is all wrong. The shoes add bulk and hit her leg at the calf (creating accidental cankles) while the shortie jorties stop at the widest part of her leg. This beautiful girl just added unnecessary weight to her frame... Not to mention that this ensemble seems unsafe to wear while dancing with wolves.

Don't worry Miss El-No, this is an easy fix (no smoke signal decoding required)!

I think that your spirit animal is a Raven, as in Raven Denim. Word on the street is that these jeans look amazing on all body types. You can wear this Eva pair ($185) with these adorable Minnetonka suede driving moccasins ($55) for a much more seasonally appropriate look. Top the ensemble with this geometric Onam cardigan ($148) from Anthropologie. 

Now, knock off the rain dance please. I need to get home to Chicago!





El-Yes: Put Your Back Into It

Some people think in metaphor. I think in Nineties hip hop references. In the immortal words of Ice Cube “ You can do it put your back into it.”

I only saw Miss El-Yes from behind. Regardless, I just knew that this was a good outfit from any direction.

She has hit all of my work appropriate favorites: Stripes! Color! Pencil Skirt! Ballet Flats! I am seriously having a preptastical design orgasm. I might explode. Grosgrain ribbon and J. Crew catalogs might come flying out of me at any moment.

Quick! Find me a fanny pack. It is the only antidote to style over-stimulation.

Get her winning look in two different price points:


Proenza Schouler Striped Tissue Jersey Tee for $375

J. Crew No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Wool in Spicy Gold for $120

Chloe Scalloped Black Ballet Flat for $475



T Los Angeles Long Sleeve Striped Tee for $66

Halogen Seamed Pencil Skirt in Green Moss or Yellow Raisin for $68

ModCloth Evening Walk Flat for $29.99


El-Buy: Eat Your Heart Out F. Scott Fitzgerald


Regrettably, I have not been practicing the Charleston. It just hasn't made it into my fitness regime. 

 So this Friday, I plan to sip speakeasy cocktails and twirl my ropes of pearls from the side of the dance floor. I will be channelling the Jazz Age at the Junior League of Chicago's annual Summer Soiree: A Gatsby Garden Party. 

I will be celebrating this fete with some fabulous flapper fashion. Flappers, the young social set of the Twenties, got their name from their dresses. Their drop waist dresses were embellished with sequins and spangles- which made flapping noises while the girls were dancing. Those are some hot moves mama!

Here are some ideas to wear to this Prohibition themed extravaganza. Go get your ticket and your feathered headband today!



Gatsby Garden Party


ECI beaded dress
$138 -



Maryjane shoes
$136 -


J crew jewelry
$118 -


ASOS goldtone earrings
$14 -


ASOS engraved earrings
$21 -


ASOS origami jewelry
$26 -


Forever21 beading necklace
$7.80 -











El-No: Alarm Clock Fail 

Oh no…. I overslept!

We’ve all been there.

I like to think that I handle these early morning set backs with grace and poise. Usually that involves screaming obscenities while simultaneously showering/ eating dry cereal/ putting my clothes on inside out. Fatigue is messy.

No matter how many times this scenario plays out, you can safely bet that I will NEVER leave the house in slippers. Did you hear that Snooki? I’m talking to you, girlfriend.

This reader submitted photo came with a narrative. Apparently Mr El-No forgot shoes and a belt in his rush to leave the house. I imagine speed walking with your pants around your ankles has got to be tough.

I think I can help.

Bonobos has the tools to get Mr El-No in shape to face the day.


First Base Belt for $100

Tucker Blair for Bonobos One-Eyed Willie Belt for $80

Boom Goes the Dynamite Belt for $50


Slip On Shoes:

Swims Flat Front Loafer for $149

Swims Lace Up Loafer for $149

Howard Loafer for $38


*Thanks for the photo JBW!


El-No: Move Over Miley

I feel like I'm watching an ABC Family movie.

In this episode, the silly kid sister sneaks off to the city to strike it big (music/ modeling/ spelling bee).

She's alone except for her cartoon character backpack. "That'll show them!" she whines. It seems they forgot her special occasion (birthday/ school play/ opening day of her lemonade stand franchise).

Panicked, her parents know just what to do. They drive in and find the little girl at the train station. Awwwwww. "We'll never ignore you again!" Hugs all around.

The little girl is so happy that she is driven to sing and dance. A talent agent just happens to be at the train station! She gets discovered. Awwwwww. "We're so proud of you!" High Five!

And... Scene.

Call the Disney channel. This shiz is gold.

This sweet story almost made me forget that this reader submitted photo is of an adult wearing stir up pants with Minnie Mouse style flip flops.

But it didn't. Even the most saccharine of shows can't make this combination seem like a good idea for an adult.



*Thanks for the photo MHD!


El-No: On The Hunt

Because nothing says "work appropriate" like a sleeveless shirt with line drawings of animals on it on it.

I found Mr El-No while riding the train during the morning rush. He had me with the tank top. Of course the cargo camo shorts and white sock/ Doc Martins didn't hurt either.

He looked ready for a suburban safari by way of Red Lobster and the Brookfield Zoo.

Generally I think men should avoid tank tops. It is a hard look to pull off. You'll either end up looking like a Jersey Shore extra or a lost tourist. Originally popularized as an undershirt, tanks were never supposed to see the light of day. Let's keep it that way! 

Sir, please ditch the tank top. What about this untucked/ sleeves rolled up Crate Chambray shirt ($69) from Urban Outfitters to coordinate with your camo shorts? Swap out the socks/Docs for the Sperry Washed Canvas Shoe ($78) from Urban Outfitters. Much better!


El-No: Coco Knows Best

Coco Chanel once said that you should take one thing off before you leave for the day. It is her little reminder that simpler is usually better.

I don't think Miss El-No followed this advice.

I saw her walking in the Loop yesterday- and by "walking" I mean tottering slowly on her sky high shoes. The poor thing even turned her ankle mid-shuffle.

The bags, the shoes, the net sweater, the hair clip: it was too much. Just way to much gear!

I think Coco would tell Miss El-No to strip it all down to her LBD. She can add on a practical pair of flats (for that commute home). Looks like a winner to me. 


El-No: A Trip Down Memory Lane

Call TLC! I might be a hoarder.

After being sick and in bed for two days, I decided to lay low this weekend (so no Wicker Park Fest pour moi). I took my housebound Saturday as an opportunity to clean out closets.

Big mistake.

Apparently, I save e v e r y t h i n g. I found boxes of scrap fabric from graduate school circa 2004, clothing from college (Yay! I missed you hot sequined mini.), and a million paperback beach reads. Holy Hoarders episode! Removing all of this shizz from our storage closet was totally liberating.

In a quest to make a little cash off my stash, we decided to sell all of my old books. Shockingly, the neighborhood used bookstore will not purchase chick lit. We loaded up the car and drove to a Half Price books in the suburbs- they LOVE girly books and scooped them all up.

It was in this suburban used books mecca, that I discovered Mr El-No. Is anyone else reminded of the opening credits to Saved By The Bell? Judging by the mandals and the shirt, I’d say that Zach Morris has a little closet cleaning in his future.

Update your look with a trip to the Anniversary Sale at Nordstrom. Swap out the clunky performance sandals for these updated classic Sperry topsiders ($44.90). Replace the outdated shirt with a more current look from Ted Baker ($96.90).



El-Yes: A Hot Outfit For Hot Weather

I saw her on the way to the Blue Line. She was looking summery chic, while I was being that annoying person on her cell phone in public.

In the blink of an eye, Miss El-Yes disappeared into CVS. I didn’t have enough time to snap a picture (and besides I was on the phone with my mother- we were discussing a potential iPad purchase. Yes, my mom might become tech savvy!)

It is so hot outside, but Miss El-Yes looked effortlessly elegant. An adorable sleeveless blouse, crisp white linen pants, and woven ballet flats seem like the perfect way to combat the humidity.

Fight the heat with a bottle of water and these fashionable duds!

Blouse: Loosened Shelby Blouse from Anthropologie for $58

Pants: Theory Crunch Linen Pants from Neiman Marcus Cusp for $245

Shoes: Last Straw Ballet Flats from J.Crew for $128


El-Read: Pumped Up Kicks

These amazing sneakers are making me feel downright musical (and ready to shop!).

Over the years, I have had lots of students who are avid sneaker collectors. Each class session, I get excited to see which amazing pair they will wear next. I love it and wish that I knew more about this hobby.

So I thought that I'd crank up some Foster the People and dig into Nice Kicks, an online magazine that discusses this very topic. Want to join me?




El-No: Taking Aim At The Bowhunter

America’s birthday put me through the ringer. I have a theme cocktail and fireworks hangover.

In my red, white, and blue haze, I stopped by the grocery store yesterday. I discovered Miss El-No (and her love of archery) in the produce section.

After a weekend of drinking, it looks like Miss El-No needed some help getting her shoes on. Tattooing directional arrows on your legs seems a little extreme. I would have gone with a note that says “Insert Foot Here” instead of this whole Robin Hood vibe. 

Maybe Miss El-No would be able to find her feet if she had some colorful kicks? These sunny yellow Tory Burch wedges are on my warm weather wish list ($395). They are the perfect shoes for summer (although the heel height might make it a little hard to keep up with her band of Merry Men).


El-Yes? El-No? Maybe So

Mother Nature seems a bit confused.

Rain. Sun. Rain. Sun. With this baffling summer weather, I was bound to find some rainbows.

I spotted my first multi-colored Mrs. at a meeting. From her colorful shoes (which she scored at Robin Richman... natch) to her vintage pin, I was enraptured. I guess I have stripe lust because I am in love with this skirt. It serves as a focal point for this multi hued madness and makes it work as an ensemble. While this isn't for the fashion faint of heart, it is graphic and successful.

But just when I was getting ready to embrace the rainbow, I spotted an outfit that was ROYGIV revolting.

This colorful chickie has way too much going on. An over abundance of jewels, crazy socks, two unrelated solid color pieces, and boots- perhaps this is the work of a schizophrenic leprechaun?

It's a color conundrum. Why is one a risky "do" and the other a risky "don't"?

The key to playing with pigment is to have one or two crazy anchor pieces to which the rest of the outfit and palette relate. Miss El-No could have been a yes if she ditched one arms worth of bangles and replaced the socks/ boots with a simple sandal and a bare leg. What works for clothing works with life: Keep It Simple Sister!