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El-Yes: I Got 5 On It- Halloween 2012

I spent my Saturday morning in a park, surrounded by pint sized trick-or-treaters and puppet shows. A little boy asked me what I was dressing up as, and I said a "Mommy." What have I become?!

Sigh. Pass the Kit Kats and spiked cider. 

That doesn't mean that I can't put together my annual list of LBD centered Halloween costumes. So grab your little black dress and get ready for these last minute costume ideas. Happy Procrastinating! 

1. Hurricane Sandy- Attach pastic buildings and boats to your LBD. Using hair gel, give yourself a "wind blown look." Carry around a squirt bottle with water in it. Boom. Weather Channel ready! 

2. Honey Boo Boo- Just add a tiara and a 2 liter bottle of Mountain Dew. Really drive it home with a pageant sash. Start telling everyone that you've been sassified. 

3. Snooki and Lorenzo- Grab a long black wig and make sure to puff it. Add in bronzer, animal print slippers, and a baby. Extra points for using an electric wheelchair and talking about how you were "disabled" while pregnant. 

4. Fresco Jesus- For all of the art historians out there! Make a faux fur brown hood that ties under your chin. Turn your head to the side and paint on exaggerated lips. Ta da! 

5. Tan Mom- Cover yourself in bronzer and brown face paint. Grab a short blonde wig. You're in business!



El-No: The Leopard Lady

Happy Halloween!

A leopard print cape, leggings, and leg warmers?! Meow. What a great costume! 

Sadly, Miss El-No is not dressed in Halloween regalia. I took this picture last week during my brief posting hiatus. This is her actual outfit. Seriously. 

Leopards live in sub-Saharan Africa. So why in the heck is Miss El-No prowling around Chicago dressed as a big cat? I think that she saw the Jersey Shore reunion show on MTV and is trying to channel Snooki.

Miss El-No can salvage this look. First she needs to ditch the spotty legwear. I would change into these fab Minnie black slacks ($98), Dream striped sweater ($88), and chic Booker booties ($198) all from J.Crew. This simple ensemble would make the leopard print cape sing... or roar. 



El-Yes: The Lazy Trick-or-Treater

I find Halloween stressful.


I have no will power when chocolate is involved. Seriously. I have already consumed a full bag of Kit Kats.

Pumpkin carving is time consuming. I totally phone it in on the Fall holiday cheer front. Its straight up decorative gourds and orange dish towels in this house.

I wait until the last minute to find a Halloween costume. Every year, without fail, I have to scramble. So, for all of you other procrastinating souls out there, I have ideas!

This is the "Lazy Trick-Or-Treater's" Guide To Last Minute Costumes:

*Please note that each ensemble requires a little black dress.

An Episode Of Hoarders: Pin a bunch of random trash to your LBD. Bonus points for including odd collectables.

Zainesville,OH: Pin exotic stuffed animals to your LBD. Attach a stuffed animal monkey to a headband for your hair.

Pan Am Stewardess: Fashion your hair into a Sixties bouffant. Adorn your LBD with plastic airplane wings. Carry around a satchel with airplane sized liquor and a cocktail shaker.

Rachel Zoe (before le bebe): Stuff your LBD with a pillow. Wear large sunglasses and carry a huge bag which is filled with printouts of the Zoe Report and packing slips from your line available at QVC. Convince your husband to dress up like Roger. Refer to each other as "Babe" all night.

La Lohan: Use white electrical tape to make stripes on your LBD. Voila! Instant jailbird. Find friends to dress up as paparazzi/ TMZ reporters. Ask them to follow you around.