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El-No: Mother Trucker

2006 called. 

Ashton and Paris would like their trucker hats back. 

Mrs El-No, I recognize that you are trying to be a cool mom. But wearing a trend from six years ago isn't going to help. Loose the lame lid please. 






El-Vacation: Peeps!

My Philip Treacy themed Easter bonnet and I are skipping town.

We (my hat and I) plan to spend a long weekend snacking on chocolate bunnies and hunting for Easter eggs. We might even make some matzo toffee in honor of Passover.

See you on Monday!

*Photo is from Philip Treacy


El-No: Barbaro Is Waiting In Baggage Claim  

The Camptown ladies sing this song,

Doo-da, Doo-da

The Camptown racetrack’s five miles long

Oh, de doo-da day

Judging by this Mare’s outfit, it appears New York’s triple crown horse race has been moved from Belmont to LaGuardia airport. Where are they putting the Sportsbook? I think those TSA agents would make some great bookies (especially if you are betting against the spread).

Usually I love ladies in hats and really appreciate when people dress nicely for flights. But this outfit belongs in the Paddock at Churchill Downs, not on a flight to Ohare. I hope that she changes shoes before she participates in the Running of the Roses because those patent leather stilettos might be a challenge.

I thought maybe Miss El-No had just come from somewhere exciting- but the rest of her family members were dressed in slacks and sweaters.  There is a time and a place for everything, and sadly this isn’t one of them.

Miss El-No can keep her lovely outfit but should place that beautiful hat in a hat box. If she is feeling luxurious, perhaps she will invest in this Louis Vuitton monogram hat box for $2,490? Check out Ms. Miller Hats for a more reasonable option for $70.