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El-No: Waking Up In Vegas

Two ankle cherries and two Hawaiian back designs! (What does that win me at the nickel slots?)

Kitschy tattoos aside, Miss Rockabilly is missing the mark in the fashion department. She should be oozing retro instead of wearing this too tight all black ensemble.

I vote she kicks up the camp. Sister should swap out the shorties and tube top for this Traveling Cupcake Truck Dress from ModCloth ($59.99). It is both sweet and edgy- a perfect look. 

*Thanks for the photo SEA.


El-No: Walking Wounded


Truth: My camera work is a little like the Blair Witch Project (but swap out the night vision for speed walking in flip flops while holding an infant carseat). I'll call it: El-No Does Documentary

Anyway, Miss El-No was in hot pants, fishnet tights, and heavy boots. She must have been feeling hot (temperature and in an "all up in the club" sense) to pull out these bum exposing hot pants. Maybe a less bootylicious option would have been more appropriate for day? How about this short gore American Apparel skirt ($55)? 






El-No: Brain Teaser

I love puzzles and jumbles. So, imagine my excitement when I spotted a real life jumble at Whole Foods?! I entered the store looking for pretzel buns, but exited looking for answers.

What was this lady wearing? Silk, spandex, and flip flops! I'm so confused. I'll take "Laundry Day for 1000, Alex."

Maybe Miss El-No should try this V neck ruffle jumpsuit from DKNY for $345 on for size? She could pair it with these Sam Edelman sandals from Piperlime for $65.

That's a winner!



El-No: Game Show Monday

This photo was sent to me with the caption: Stripper or Concert Attendee?

Tough to tell, but I think I vote Concert Attendee. Although the casual yet comfortable lean on the light post has me thrown. What do you think? 

Miss El-No doesn't know the rules to the fashion game. Ladies (despite the summer temps) only show off one body zone at a time. Want to show your legs? Cover up your stomach and chest. Want to show off toned abs? You better be wearing long pants.

So, pick a zone Miss El-No! We don't need to see the whole kit and caboodle. The Ignite the Night dress from Modcloth ($52.99) will thankfully catapult you all the way into the Concert Attendee category. 

* Thanks for the photo SO.



El-Yes: Mom Style

I was standing in a sea of luggage (mine) when I saw Mrs. El-Yes.

Growing up, my family subscribed to the "you pack it, you carry it" method of travel. Thus I have never had to negotiate piles of baggage.

But, add in a tiny creature and the luggage grows exponentially. Babies need gear... So much gear that I ended up standing curbside in a pile of bags while my husband got the car. Bag duty is the perfect time for people watching!

The Mrs, and her cute family, were in and out of the Arrival zone in minutes. Efficient and stylish - my kind of people. Mrs El-Yes looked absolutely lovely in her blue and green dress and coordinating Vera Bradley carry on bag. Love!

Get her look with this lightweight patterned dress from Garnet Hill for $78. Complete the look with this Vera Bradley tote in bosenberry for $86


El-No: Shorties and Ice Cream

Textured white lace shorts certainly sound like something that is perfect for summer. 

So does eating ice cream in the buff, but we saw how well that turned out for this mom. The moral of the story is just because something sounds like a good idea, it might not be one. 

So back to the white shorts...

First of all, these shorties with a surface design are way too short for this body type. Adding black leggings is fuel to the fire. You might as well add arrows and a sign that says "Behold! The widest part of my legs!" I think Miss El-No needs to go back to the closet and start over. 

She can keep everything from the waist up, and replace the bottoms with these 7" chino shorts ($48) form J.Crew. They are fabulous and come in a variety of cool summer hues. This length will look so much better and will not require leggings underneath. Score!

*Thanks for the photo BGL



El-No: Party Girl Needs Some Polish

He He Helloooo!  

I found this party girl over the weekend in DC. She was standing outside of the historic Martin's Tavern in the evening heat. The muggy weather was no excuse for Miss El-No's super short spandexy situtation. There is a time and a place for everything, but this isn't one of them. Grabbing a low key drink with a friend is no time to show off your cha cha cha.

I admire her love of color and her desire to rock a summery short dress. Maybe something a little less "painted-on" might work better? How about this adorable Delia dress ($178) from Lilly Pulitzer? It is just perfect for drinks with friends- preppy and polished but edgy with an exposed zipper. Love!



El-No: Stop These Summer Stripes

Vertical stripes are the Jessica Simpson of fabric motifs. When done well, you can look lithe. When done wrong, you can look like you eat buttered poptarts.

Miss El-No was hanging out by the Armitage brown line stop. She appears to be enjoying the summer weather with some girlfriends while wearing the world's least flattering pants.

It is really a result of the fit- they are too tight! Stripes, like life, are really better when relaxed.

Maybe she can try these Striped Belted Cropped pants from Calvin Klein ($29.99) on for size? These pants would be fabulous with a tank and some cute bright sandals or flats. 


El-Yes: Such A Stud

They distracted me from the bananas.

A glimmering metallic stud caught the light and consequently caught me eye. Add in the black quilted bag, bright orange shorts, and white silk tank- you've got a winner! Miss El-Yes looked positively refreshing.

I love how her edgy ballet shoe (totally the Black Swan of shoes) played with the bright trend forward shorts. Fantastic!

Get Miss El-Yes's look with these adorable studded flats from Steve Madden for $99.95 (or slurge on these beautiful Valentino flats for $595). Stop me in my tracks when you add on some sassy orange shorts from Amanda Uprichard for $107. These silk shorts come in a multitude of colors... I'm kind of obsessed (and I don't even wear shorts!). 


El-Buy: Ready for White

Last night, I had a dream about white pants.

In my fantasy, I was wearing white pants and my butt looked really good in them. Maybe this will be the summer that I can join the ranks of the fabulous leggy girls parading around town in their bleached slacks? If that is going to be true, I better get my bum to the gym. 

I seriously lust after this summery staple. I have day dreams of throwing on a pair with a bright tank and some fabulous metallic sandals. What, this outfit? I just grabbed it all as I dashed out of the house. It's positively casual. 


I think that I found my unicorn (white jeans that actually look good on me). The Gap 1969 mid-weight curvy jeans might be the ones that work. And for $59.95, I can afford to find out. 



El-No: The Long and Short of Shorts

It's time.

Short season is here. May the good Lord give me strength and a cellulite free Summer.

I don't wear shorts. I'm afraid that I could end up looking like Miss El-No and her overly short shorts. You see, each one of us has a magical zone on our legs- a place where shorts and skirts should fall. Go too short and you end up looking like a tropical hooker; too long and you're part of the FLDS.

This "end zone" for hems is different for all of us and is mainly determined by leg shape. Most woman with a shapelier thigh look best with a short/skirt the ends slightly north of the knee (right before the thigh widens). This provides the illusion that your leg stays slim all the way up. Miss El-No didn't get the memo.

J. Crew understands that shorts aren't a one size fits all operation. If I was going to wear shorts, I'd buy them here. These are some of my favsies:

Great Gams: 3" short in Tiki print $65

Model Momma: 5" short in Neon Pink $45

Relaxing Poolside: 3" Beach short $59.50

Bitchin' Bermudas: 9" short in Antique Paisely $69.50


El-No: Cowgirl Crafternoon

Hey there cow pokes! Boot scoot your way on over to Wicker Park. There is a cow girl on the loose and I think that she needs a little wranglin.'

Miss El-No was walking her dog when I stumbled upon her (I say stumbled because I was slowly walking home after an orgasmic char dog lunch at Phil's Last Stand). She was resplendent in cowgirl boots and knit white shorts that were embellished with a row of long white fringe on each side. Judging from the mismatched whites and sewing job, I'd say that Miss El-No was hit with the Pinterest truck and decided to DIY herself up.

I think we all know what happened here. Girlfriend has been watching too much Bachelorette and is trying to lure in boys by channelling her inner Emily Maynard. Sadly, this "Joann Fabrics does Country Western Minx" look is not working. I don't even think she could pull this off in Dollywood.

Skip the cowgirl crafternoon and just order this Blueberry Iced Tea Dress from Modcloth ($47.99). Pair the dress with these Frye Billy Pull On Women's Boots ($268) and you'll be all set!


El-Yes: Flower Pant Power

I absolutely adore these wide leg floral pants.

Honestly, I am surprised that sentence just came out of my mouth. I was dressed in Laura Ashley in my formative years and am not sure that I want to relive my blossoming period in the late Eighties and early Nineties. 

But this is floral done right. While Miss El-Yes paired these flowery pants with a simple t-shirt and cardi, she sassed up the look with some bedazzled shoes. Fabulous. 

You can get her botanical look with any of these great slacks: 

Graphic Cool: 3.1 Phillip Lim Quince Silk Pants $450

Feminine Flow: Free People Floral Print Wide-leg Pants $49

Pretty Preppy: ASOS Oasis Floral Print Pant $78.28




El-Yes: Tangerine Dream In The Produce Section

Weekend grocery shoppers have the most extreme ensembles. They range from post-brunch amazingness to roll-out-of-bed disasters. I can't help but click away the camera during my weekly trip to Stanleys. 

I am in lust with this bright and casual weekend outfit. The cool hat, the cheerful envelope clutch, the zippy pants, and the Toms. LOVE. She looks like she is ready for a long day of relaxing on a patio (my kind of Sunday Funday). 

Get weekend ready with these great pieces: 

Halogen Two Tone Straw Fedora for $78

Simply Vera Vera Wang Quilted Envelope Clutch for $34.30

Black Timeless Tank from Banana Republic for $20

Tangerine Blaze Marissa Cotton Cropped Poplin Cargo Pants from Loft for $49.50

Feed 12 Women's Vegan Classic Toms for $58




El-Buy: Kate Looks Great

I have princess envy. 

I have switched my Middleton allegiance from Pips to Kate. Don't act surprised Pippa. You know what you did. LEGGINGS as PANTS?!

This lace back gown is just stunning and has turned the Dutchess of Cambridge into a bit of a sexy Sadie. Never one to directly copy, I found these amazing black lace cocktail dresses that might need to make their way into my closet. Behold the Mason by Michelle Mason lace back cocktail dress ($335) and the lace dolman dress ($380). They are the perfect marriage between conservative and sexpot. 

* Picture from Radar Online


El-No: Derelict 

I only got like three consecutive hours of sleep last night. That might be why I find this ensemble so hilarious. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm mildly delusional today.

Regardless, a faux fur trench, unlaced Doc Martens, and athletic socks are humorous on their own. But together? It's fashion comedy gold that appears to have been inspired by a volunteer donation sorting shift at the Goodwill intake center.

Lack of clothing continuity aside, Miss El-No needs some serious style updating. She should loose the disastrous juxtapositioning and try out some new seasonally appropriate trends.

How about neon? Maybe this pink Michael Kors dress ($1,595) or this great neon yellow Topshop dress ($92)  paired with these bright sandals from ASOS ($69.50). Much better!


* Thanks for the photo MLS 


El-Buy: Thanks Mom!

I was under the impression that I would receive some kind of instruction book when I checked out of the hospital with our new little bundle of joy. 

I expected the book of parenting directions to incorporate sections about childrearing and a glossery of FAQs that I would field as a mother. It was supposed to include age appropriate answers to questions like: Where do babies come from? Why do I have to eat broccoli? How do I know if this boy likes me? How do I do laundry?

Shockingly, there is no Mom Manual (either that or mine was lost in the mail). We all just have to figure this out as we go along. 

So, cheers to all of the Mothers. Navigating parenthood is tough stuff, so I think that Mom deserves a litle treat. Check out my favorite gift ideas on my Mother's Day Gift Ideas board



El-No: Looney Lunar Look

The moon was REALLY big this weekend. HUGE.

So, I am choosing to blame this wackadoo ensemble on the full moon. Clearly Miss El-No's sequined constellation cardigan was inspired by the celestial bodies. (I think that is Ursa Minor over by her armpit)

Peter Pan just called for this little lady. He wants her to take the "second star to the right and go straight on till morning." The morning light should help her realize that the rest of the outfit doesn't really jive. She needs to ditch the Stary Night sweater and the tropical maxi skirt. 

How about this amazing Wildfox "Seeing Stars" cream sweatshirt for $108 from Nordstrom? She could pair it with these J.Crew peach shorts ($45) and these adorbs J.Crew Mona leather pumps in dusty clay ($198). Now that is a much more dazzling look!



El-Yes: What A Blessyn

I'm back...

I've been getting my baby shiz in check for the last eight weeks. But my mini fashion lover and I are finally starting to feel comfortable (and my body is starting to automatically wake up every few hours). So I am ready to blog again.

First up? A review of Shop 857's Anniversary and True Blessyn's Launch Party. My amazing students Emily and Michelle hopped on over to the party and interviewed the boutique owner Kelli Jones and the True Blessyn designer Shani Brown. Some event attendees included blogger ‘Ana Fonua and Fame Production Group founder Kristin D. Williams.  Thanks ladies for the recon mission!

Emily did a great write up of the event and also included some pictures. You can follow Emily on Twitter @emily_morano

Background – Shani Brown

 Currently working full-time in Corporate America, this mother and designer has a lot on her hands. Originally from Jamaica, Shani has always dreamed of being a designer. She attended the International Academy of Design to pursue this dream.  

Her typical day includes working on her Spring 2013 collection, meeting with her manufacturer, sourcing fabrics, and spending time with her daughter. When asked who her favorite designers were, Shani wasn’t quick to name off a celeb designer but instead likes supporting the local ones. “It isn’t all about the labels for me.” Having worked at Gap for four years, Shani still very much enjoys shopping there for their great basics. For Spring, Shani is loving the pastels and pleated maxi dresses! 

Her advice to anyone who wants to be in fashion? You have to be business savvy! If you want to be a designer, know who you are designing for. Be persistent, stay true to yourself, and follow your dreams. 

Spring 2012 Collection

Inspired by “Dream Chaser,” Shani’s Spring collection is made up of bamboo cotton, linen-like denim, and hand-painted designs done in collaboration with artist Sam Kirk. My personal favorite was a t-shirt with the words “Confidence Doesn’t Whisper” with a pair of pouty lips. Shani said this collection was all about chasing your dreams and goals and not letting others get you down in the process.  

Fall 2012 Collection

Inspired by her ups and downs as a designer, Shani used red, black, and white in her Fall collection. A simple white blouse with a bow detail on the left shoulder, a layering tank with a hand-painted cross on the front, and a fun black and white patterned knee-length skirt were all part of the simplistically classic Fall collection.  




El-No: You Need A New Best Friend

As I write this, two chubby little french bulldogs are snoring away to my right. These little loves provide oodles of kisses, licks, and laughs. They are also quite fashion savy and would never let me leave the house in this type of ensemble.

Woof! Don't even think about wearing that shiz. See? 

It appears that Miss El-No's canine bestie is not schooled in the art of styling. Clearly the dog is responsible for the hideous Reeboks and pant/ skirt layering situation. Fido should have chewed up those kicks the minute they were removed from the box.

While still nodding to Springtime brights, Miss EL-No can do much better than this look. How about these turquoise fitted skinny jeans from Forever 21 ($15.50)? For a dog walk, I'd pair them with these adorbs plaid laceless Keds for $45. 

*Thanks for the photo SR