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El-Buy: Pops for Spring

Sometime in the next two weeks, a baby will be arriving at our house. I'm expecting equal parts snuggles and sleepless nights. 

I think that I am going to be needing some visual pick me ups to keep me moving forward. Fortunately for me (but not for le wallet), there are some amazing brights headed our way this Spring. Here are a few of my current favorites: 

Top: J.Crew Navy and Kiwi Colorblock Stripe Boatneck Tee for $45

Skirt: J. Crew Warm Jade Long No. 2 Pencil Skirt in Double Serge Cotton for $128

Pants: Gap Red Modern Boot Cut Pant for $59.95

Jeans: Kate Spade Broome Street Colored Jeans for $198

Jumpsuit: Edith Shawl Collar Royal Blue Jumpsuit for $495

Sandals: J.Crew Festival Green Savina Studded Sandals for $265

Mini Clutch: Kate Spade Backstage Suze Clutch for $338

Sparkles: Bauble Bar Acrylic Personalized Necklace for $56


El-No: Contemplating Jazz

On Tuesday, I lectured on the Beat Generation. These post-war artists and poets rejected materialism and  the idea of fashion. Their denial of all things designer influenced both the hippie movement of the Sixties and Seventies and the hipster movement of today.

I wonder what Allen Ginsberg would say about Miss El-No's ensemble? I think that her odd layering would make him Howl.

Because only an "angelheaded hipster" would think this looks good.

I think Miss El-No needs to rock a Beat vibe a la Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face.

I love these slim cropped pants from the Gap (available in red too!) for $49.95. I would pair it with this Twenty sheer fitted turtleneck for $34.90. Saving on the threads will allow for a splurge on your feet. How about these beautiful Kori oxfords ($450) from Alexander Wang? The design is just amazing.



El-No: Sequin Seminar

Sometimes I daydream about all the people in America with bad fashion habits getting rounded up together for a required educational seminar.

This garment gulag would provide seminars and trainings about clipping your cell phone on your belt (Hey Zach Morris, do you really need to reach your phone that quickly? Can't it just go in your pocket or purse?)  or showing excessive cleavage (Put that shiz away.). 

I envision this course would be held in either a convention center in Vegas or at the Jersey Shore. 

This vision in sequins should definitely attend. Sparkling leather clogs, clothes, and a purse?! She might be too far gone for help. Oy. 

Here's a tip- try limiting your glitter and spangles to one article of clothing at a time. A little restraint will let you shine instead of your clothing and accessories. 

*Thanks for the photo DH




El-Yes: Fondness for Ford; Passion for Paltrow

Oh Gwynie. Just when I think that I couldn't love you anymore, you show up looking perfect.

I am not sure this is good for my health or wallet. I am already an avid goop reader, lover of Tracy Anderson, and Spanish food convert. I refuse to name my future child Apple. Stop making me have a girl crush on you!!!

Obviously, Gwyneth Paltrow's Tom simple Tom Ford sheath/ cape was my favorite look from last night's Academy Awards. Call me old fashioned, but you just can't top pristine tailoring. She was a modern take on Sixties vintage. I might have to go reread A Thousand Days of Magic: Dressing Jackie Kennedy for the White House

Sorry J.Lo- nip slips and open shoulders do nothing for me. 

Don't judge. I'm not the only one with a Gwyeth crush. Check out this pony post from Lock and Mane. 

Since I have spent all of my hard earned cash on workout dvds, Coldplay downloads, and goop iPad apps, I'm looking to Rent the Runway for some help in channelling my inner Paltrow. 

This Icelandic Dreams Dress from Halston Heritage provides the same lines and color (but with a more real-life friendly knee length hemline). It retails for $295 but you can rent it for $60! You can add a little sparkle with this Cara Accessories Dress Me Up Cuff Bracelet for $15. 



El-No: Pants Problems

Lululemon pants are magical. 

They are woven by elves (relatives of the Keeblers) and contain mysterious butt slimming fibers. I don't know how they do it but they turn run-of-the-mill tushies into something extraordinary. 

But there are rules for these spellbinding workout pants. Simple rules that Miss El-No has broken. 

Workout pants are not regular pants. I repeat WORKOUT PANTS ARE NOT REGULAR PANTS.

You can wear them to workout or to slum it around on the weekend. You cannot wear them with knee high stiletto boots and a sexy top.  

Miss El-No, please get some real pants. How about these adorbs colorful jeans from the Gap? I love them!!! For only $69.95 you can stock up on the surf and fucshia colors. 




El-No: Tag! You're It!

Happy Presidents Day!

George Washington, we salute you and give thanks for the fabulous day off from work. Now, go out and shop your brains out!

But... please make sure to take the tags off of your purchases before you wear them. I'm not joking here people. 

I was eating brunch this weekend when I saw Miss El-No enter the restaurant with her family in tow. Maybe she is just an over-tired mommy who forgot that she treated herself to a new blazer? The large tag was hanging from the armpit of her jacket. It was glaringly obvious in both its size (HUGE) and color (cream). Her husband and family members looked right at it and said nothing. Jerks. 

Lady, that blazer is a keeper. Clip the tags and enjoy it!



El-Yes: Silver and Gold, Silver and Gold

New York fashion week is over, but my clothing lust has only begun. 

While there are several future trends that I am eyeing, my favorite is the focus on metallics. What can I say? I love a little shine!

J. Mendel


Jenny Packham






El-Yes: Bein' Quirky

I have a case of the quirks. 

After that Zooey Deschanel Bein' Quirky SNL skit and a boatload of Adele Grammy coverage, I have half a mind to break out my Amy Sedaris book and start crafting. I made a sweater for an octopus. I made an extra hole for its dreams and ideas - "Bjork" on SNL

But what will I wear for my eccentric crafternoon?

Obviously, I plan to whip my hair into some kind of voluminous Adele 'do. Say what you want Karl, but that lady knows how to amp up her tresses!

Now, for my ensemble. I would like to incorporate Miss El-Yes's chartreuse pants. They are fab and I want them. I think they say "I'm friends with Michael Cera and collect vintage salt and pepper shakers." Don't you agree? 

Get your own wacky pants from Vince. These cropped chartreuse vince jeans are perfect for Spring and only $195. 

PS- Check out The Quirky Girl Timeline from The Huffington Post



El-Yes: Well, Thank Hue!

Ugh. These girls are wearing Uggs.

Are we still doing that?

BUT I am obsessed with this orange and purple color palette. I prefer to think of these chicas as chroma inspiration for future ensembles.

I'm happy to see that the "now" color of tangerine can play well with violet. I will have to get to work on some orange and purple Spring shopping right away!


El-No: Bad Idea Boxers

"You better post that on Facebook."

Darnit! I got apprehended!

It was the first time I was caught red handed taking a photo for my blog. My entrappers were two SAIC girls on a smoke break outside. They had been watching Miss El-No walk down Michigan Ave for a few minutes. "I think those are boxer shorts."

Damn skippy. Those were boxer shorts. Worn in combination with grey nylons, grey leg warmers, and white Reeboks. The whole ensemble was like a strange hybrid of morning after walk of shame, laundry laziness, and an ode to 90's fitness.

I didn't get it. Either did the art school sidewalk commentators.

Truth: I don't have the legs for shorts. But, I do think that they can be really cute in the winter when paired with opaque tights and even knit legwarmers. Maybe these Theory Wool Jersery Shorties ($80) would work? Obviously, girlfriend should replace the Reeboks with these MacAlister Wedge Booties ($198) from J.Crew.


El-No: It's Not Easy Being Green

Ho! Ho! Ho! Green Giant!

I have to admire Miss Jolly Green's sense of color. Kelly green is one of my favorites and makes a beautiful accent.

I'm just not sure how I feel about this emerald catsuit plus skirt situation. Yikes. She's like a super hero whose missing her cape.

Faster than a speeding bullet; more powerful than a locomotive; greener than a Shamrock Shake... It's St. Patty's Girl! Pass the green beer. I'm gonna need it.

Miss El-No needs to try out some other hues in the color wheel. Her shirt or tights would look amazing paired with a punchy blue or vivacious violet.


El-No: You Know That I'm No Good

What do you get when you cross lace tights, a translucent paisley dress, winged eye makeup, and a paisley coat together? 

Good question. 

A textile happy Amy Winehouse impersonator! It looks like Miss El-No needs to go to fashion rehab because her ensemble has me saying "No, No, No."

I love texture and pattern mixing but this look is all wrong. She has layered way to many motifs together and hasn't provided anywhere for our eye to rest. Girlfriend needs to go "back to black." Seriously though, this look would work if Miss El-No would just switch in solid color tights or a solid color jacket. 





El-No: Dirt Off Your Shoulder

Ladies is pimps too, go and brush your shoulders off

I saw Miss El-No at a fashion event last week. Despite her cold shoulder look, she was buzzing around the room chatting with people. I noticed her in the drink line (no doubt because I was jealously staring at everyone with alcoholic beverages... pregnancy. Sigh.). 

I wanted to like this. Really. I tried to like it. 

But I couldn't. 

Her open shoulder blouse just doesn't fit her at all. The construction looks like a design school post-modern deconstruction challenge gone awry. What can you make out of this cheap men's dress shirt? Make it work people!

Well sorry kids! "A" for effort but "F" for fit and craftsmanship. 

I think Miss El-No can do better. Check out this cute tulip back tee from Urban. The black shirt is fresh and modern and only $28 (perfect for a student budget). 



El-No: The Doctor Will See You

Cold weather obviously breeds insanity.

Here in Chicago, we have a case of the crazies. First of all, last night's Gossip Girl was postponed for the Bulls game. What?! Who cares about basketball at a time like this? I need to know what is happening with Blair, Louis, and Chuck.

Just when I thought we couldn't get any more nuts, I saw this ensemble. Miss El-No is obviously letting her inner crazy spill out on to the surface.

Leg warmers, purple snow boots, and a jean skirt? I'm no therapist, but it appears Miss El-No has regressed into a child-like state. She is also obviously suffering from Gossip Girl withdrawal.

While I cannot heal her inner turmoil, I can offer up some suggestions regarding this crazy pants of an outfit. How about she switch up the look with a little J.Crew action? I am obsessed with these colorful garment-dyed jeans. Obsessed. I vote this Miss El-No pair these $108 sassy pants (in any color) with with these short Ryder boots (on sale for $198). 

See? All better, and you don't even need to give me your copay or insurance card.


El-No: Jammy Jams 

Dear Dreydin's Nana, 

There is a time and a place for everything, and this isn't one of them. 

Wearing pjs in public seems a bit ridiculous- especially for those of us over five. Are you really telling me that you didn't have time to put on clothing by 3pm in the afternoon? Slippers, PJ pants, and a sweatshirt were the best you could do for your afternoon trip to the mall? 

Clothing and shoes aren't optional. 

Next time you feel like shlepping to the Apple store in jammies, spend the extra few minutes to put on actual pants and shoes. Maybe even a bra? 




El-No: Sopa, Pipa, Yucka

Wikipedia is taking the day off today as a protest against internet censorship. Fight the good fight Wiki peeps!

While I understand the original idea behind these acts (to stop internet piracy and copyright infringement), the ridiculous amount of power given to companies and the insane reach of these acts is disturbing.  Imagine a world without user-generated content. Imagine a world without this (see above photo). 

Instead of censoring our words and thoughts, maybe the government could work on blackout exposed tushie cracks? I'm all for infringing on the right to bare your behind. Pull up your pants! 

Girlfriend needs some of these adorbs Joe's Jeans "Visionaire" High-waist Bootcut Jeans ($168). Oh, and a new shirt might be nice too. 

*Thanks for the photo JL

** Protect your rights. Go sign this petition



El-Yes: Orange You Glad That Tangerine Is In? 

Holy citrus! According to Pantone, Tangerine is going to be hot hot hot in 2012. 

While I was scoping out the scene on Miami's Lincoln Road, I discovered this lovely lady and her tangerine dream of a dress (paired with electric blue pumps). Someone get me a juicer, I'm craving blood oranges. 

I adore her color palette and think it is a perfect mix. While it is a little early to think about Spring, I am seriously in love with this Shanti Cutwork Dress ($198). Once the warm weather rools around, I would add in these great electric blue peep toe heels from Nine West ($79). 

This perfect pairing is going to wait in the closet until Puxatony Phil gives me the "All Clear" sign. 



El-No: Only In Miami B*tch


Until my holiday trip to Miami, I was unaware that spandex and stripper heels could be worn as daywear. 

You either? Well, surprise! 

We must be in the dark. I have a feeling that the girls over at the Industrial Strip on I-90 have known about this for awhile. Heck, even those Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have the hooker heels 411. 

Sorry girls. Here in Chicago, that shiz won't fly. It's cold  and I can't wear platforms on the slippery sidewalks. I'm trying to avoid a Hookers On Ice moment.

I love these Born Asbee Riding Boots. They are on sale for $148 and are perfect for an afternoon stroll when paired with jeans or slim pants. 








El-Buy: Jingle Belly

The tree is trimmed! The non-alcoholic sparkling cider has been poured! It's time to celebrate!

But, what to wear? 

Finding a holiday party cocktail dress is hard enough. Add in a growing stomach and an expanding chest, and you have a full scale nightmare. Preggos need some sass too. Here are my favorite cocktail dresses for the mamma-to-be crowd. Enjoy:)

Maternity Holiday Dresses

$130 -

$180 -

$40 -

Jimmy Choo black high heels
€1.050 -

Limited Edition Sequin Dress
$277 -

Ruched Tank Dress
$109 -


El-No: Harvard/ Yale Spandex Fail

Boola Boola!

This weekend was the Harvard/Yale game in New Haven. I spent the weekend tailgating, eating New Haven style pizza, and scouting out collegiate fashion.

While eating the world's greatest cheeseburger, I glanced up and discovered Miss El-No (and her crazy pants spandex). I'll set the scene...

Upon arrival in New Haven, we scurried over to Louie's Lunch for a burger. This historic establishment actually was the first place to serve a burger in the United States. They still make them the same way- rare and served on toast with a smear of cheese spread, onions, and a slice of tomato. Yum.

So there I was, luxuriating with my grease soaked burger, when I noticed this ensemble. What in the heck was happening here? A golden wool blazer paired with tie dye blue and white spandex and Sperry topsiders seemed like a stretch. Was this a joke? Maybe Miss El-No was doing some sort of performance art?

I guess I have a different idea about Ivy League tailgating chic. I vote Miss El-No switch it up with a few of these amazing pieces from J.Crew.

Hacking Jacket in Tipped Double-Serge Wool for $298 in Navy

Vintage Thermal Henley in Champagne and Navy Stripe for $45

MiH Road Trip Jeans in Honeyboy for $245

Darby Calf Hair Loafers in Grey for $275